Boston in the Fall

Here’s what’s coming up for MindBridge in October!

MindBridge Partners has a big month ahead! Check out the happenings below:

We’re running a workshop at Sacred Heart School, Kingston on October 5th: “What to Make of Makerspaces?” where we will dive into the rapidly evolving trend of Makerspaces in K-12 independent schools. We invite you to fill out the pre-registration survey and sign up on Eventbrite at your earliest convenience—space is limited!

We are excitedly working on a podcast series for EdTechTimes that will explore the latest trends on the minds of independent school administrators. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of featured K–12 schools.

Get ready for our live webinar: “How to Power Up Your Value Proposition!” On October 14th, Esin and team will lay the groundwork for developing a better understanding of your school’s value proposition and present a series of steps to help to strengthen it. Registration opens next Monday 9/19. Sign up for updates here, and save the date!

Video: Esin Sile Speaks on Higher Ed in Azerbaijan

MindBridge Partner & CEO Esin Sile, PhD, recently visited Azerbaijan, where she was interviewed by a number of news sites about innovation in higher ed.

One interview took place on Təhsil TV, a government news site , featured by the Ministry of Education (Təhsil Nazirliyi) in a segment covering Modern Science and Innovation (Müasir elmin innovasiyası).

Esin was also featured on Qafqaz News, a local educational news site covering topics relevant to innovation in higher education and its impact on the international labor market.

Esin appeared on the show to share her expert opinion and experience with innovative educational practices.