MindBridge Partners Welcomes New Partner Esin Sile, Ph.D.

MindBridge Partners, a Boston based strategic advisory firm, is pleased to announce that Esin Sile, Ph.D. has joined their team as Partner and CEO. Dr. Sile is a seasoned economist and consultant. Holding a Ph.D. in Economics from Georgetown University, Esin has worked extensively with institutions and organizations in the education industry, partnering with clients in K-12 and higher education to provide strategy based on data-driven research.  At the World Bank, Esin helped develop cost-effective methods to assess the value of education projects, specifically in girls schooling. During her time with Analysis Group and ERS Group, Esin also advised clients on issues related to complex litigation, regulatory proceedings, and strategy development in a wide array of industries.

In joining MindBridge Partners, Dr. Sile brings over twenty years of market research and strategy consulting expertise to augment the firm’s existing strengths in education industry innovation and strategy development. As a leading provider of strategy and integration solutions, MindBridge Partners provides the rapid development and deployment of  strategy, technology, and innovation solutions for organizations navigating industry transformation.

Hakan Satiroglu and Katy Tynan, co-founders and Partners, are excited to have Dr. Sile on board. Satiroglu states, “Esin is nationally recognized as an innovative leader in the education consulting profession. She brings a strong passion for the industry, and deep expertise to our organization and to our clients. We’re very fortunate to have her join our team.”

MindBridge Partners provides strategy consulting and advisory services to educational institutions and innovative organizations across the globe. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, MindBridge Partners is an industry leading provider of strategy advisory services, and technology integration solutions.