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Schools That Thrive: A new podcast series hosted by MindBridge explores success in private schools

The percentage of all students enrolled in private schools decreased from 12 percent in 1995–96 to 10 percent in 2013–14. This trend is projected to continue, with enrollment reaching 9 percent in 2025–26. Many factors are at play here: the widening array of secondary schooling options for parents, steadily changing demographics, and increasing costs for college/university–to name a few. All factors can make it more difficult for any school to compete with peer institution, and a growing number of institutions are beginning to struggle…

But here’s the silver lining–some schools are doing better than ever.

Tune in to Episode 1 of our new podcast series, “Schools That Thrive,” featured on EdTech Times, to hear how private school leaders and educators and industry professionals are successfully handling our rapidly-evolving education landscape.

In 30 minutes, our first expert, Jessica McWade (President, McWade Group), shares the importance of a school not trying to “be everything to everyone.” She speaks on the power of market research in helping educators identify and focus on what’s most important to their stakeholders. Jessica also discusses three main roles of strong leadership and what Star Trek‘s Spock can teach us about technology adoption.

Listen to our conversation with Jessica.

Episode 2: Matt Glendinning (Head of School, Moses Brown) talks about focusing not only on school programs, but also on the students and their needs and expectations. He believes that schools should play a key role in developing character as equally as they do in academic content. When it comes to leaders, Matt shares that a capable leader must be able to both articulate a school’s vision and excite people about it: “You could have the most compelling vision in the world, but if you don’t have the people who can build relationships, your school is probably not going anywhere.”

Episode 3: Tim Welsh (Headmaster, Matignon High School) presides over a medium-to-small sized Catholic school and given his past experience in a school with 1,500 enrollment, he is very familiar with the different benefits and challenges of each model. He speaks to the value of being able to individualize the education experience for students and having a school community that reflects the world students will be going into. Tim also shares a bit of interesting history that sheds light on the Catholic school challenge of fulfilling a mission of accessibility with the need to balance fiscally—a large part of which is providing appropriate compensation for “the most important piece of the puzzle:” the people.

Listen to our conversation with Tim.

Watch this space for updates, discussion, and the release of new episodes!

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