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Transformative Trends in EdTech: ATLIS Session Round-Up

The 2016 ATLIS National Conference may have ended, but the learning continues!

Last week MindBridge Partners joined Carney, Sandoe & Associates to lead an engaging and insightful session on current transformative trends in education technology in independent schools. A full room of ATLIS 2016 conference attendees—all leaders in the independent school IT space—focused the discussion on the topic of Makerspace. Participants shared their experiences in developing and enhancing makerspaces at their institutions. We also discussed the importance of strategically aligning such edtech initiatives to the school’s goals and mission.

Follow the link below for our Collaborative Session Summary, which reflects key takeaways supported by anecdotal evidence from a pre-conference survey fielded by Carney Sandoe with more than 600 IT directors across the nation.

ATLIS 2016 – Transformative Trends in EdTech – Collaborative Session Summary – MindBridge Partners – CarneySandoe

We look forward to continuing the conversation on makerspaces and other transformative trends in K-12.

Please contact MindBridge Partners at for more information.

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