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Advisor Sean Wakely takes on Faculty Development through Higher Ed Publishing

MindBridge Partners advisors are connectors and creators.

This week in San Francisco, Advisor and higher ed publishing expert Sean Wakely will be attending the 40th Annual Professional and Organizational Development Network (POD) conference—the group’s premier meeting devoted to improving teaching and learning in the higher education community. He’ll join a team of new faculty developers and college professionals to address the challenges and rewards of creating programs that strengthen current institutional leaders and build a talent pipeline for the future.

A conference session on “Scholarly Writing Programs” highlights the increasing pressure faculty and graduate students experience to publish and suggests innovative strategies for increasing writing output while balancing other demands. Sean’s participation in the conference kicks off his own foray into the development of campus-based writing workshops for prospective academic authors that require support to successfully publish book-length works.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about Sean’s work in faculty development via publishing.


Sean Wakely
Founder, Academic Author Advisers
Advisor, MindBridge Partners

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