Dr. Sile discusses transformational trends in the global market for education technology.

MindBridge Partners CEO presents at 34th Annual Conference on U.S.-Turkish Relations

MindBridge Partners CEO Esin Sile, Ph.D. attended the 34th Annual Conference on United States-Turkish Relations in Washington, DC.

For over 30 years, The Annual Conference on U.S.-Turkish Relations, has been the largest gathering of government leaders, entrepreneurs and industrialists, academics and policy makers who focus on the full range of bilateral issues. (from website)

Dr. Sile was a panelist at the Education Session on Monday, September 28th.   This year’s session emphasized the increased role that education and education technology have been playing between the two economies. Over the last few years, the potential for disruptive business models in education technology has captured the interest of investors on both sides. (This is due in large part to government efforts to integrate state-of-the-art computer technology into public education systems.) As such, the global market potential for educational products—which vary from online curricula to educational gaming to tools for teachers and administrators—is growing by the day.

The panel on “Commercial Diplomacy through Investment in Education” addressed current and future investment behavior in education and education technology. Dr. Sile presented transformational trends with the greatest potential in education technology.  She also discussed the role of technology disruptions in creating more effective and improved approaches to education—approaches which have become increasingly fragmented, competitive, and global. Finally, Dr. Sile addressed how some of these trends, such as Peer2Peer Learning, can be utilized within the Turkish education system.

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